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Healing Power of Poondi Madha.

There are not just one testimony.. If have to say… countless. I was suffering from Kidney stone. Severe pain often tortured me late in the 2011. When I visited Poondi Madha Basilica… and prayer for Her Geelong touch. The doctor has fixed a date for surgery… but to my surprise one DAY before the operation.. the stone vanished from my kidney. No more pain. Thanks to Poondi Madha for this miraculous healing. It is just one suchmiracles in my life. There were so many. Thanks Holy Mary..

Regis Xavier T
From Nagercoil.
February 2, 2017

Miraculous Poondi Pudhumai Madha

There were so many miracles happened in my life through the Poondimadha’s power of helping.
1. I got my dream job in IAF at the age of 19.
2.My sister’s marriage and her job.
3. I was suffering from Kidney stone. I prayed to Poondi Madha with full faith. The stone vanished just one day before operation.
4. I bought my new house at Nagercoil and bought a new car.
5. I got a new job in banking sector.
6. I got promotion as officer and a favourable transfer near to my home.
7. Narrowly Escaped from a major accident me and my brother.
The list will continue…
All these things our holy lady Poondi Madha showered upon us by her grace and our Lord Jesus’s healing touch.
Thanks and we will be greatful you our holy lady.

Regis Xavier T
February 2, 2017

Prayer Request

Please pray for my elder brother [Sagai Raj Anthony] he was operated on his left leg in 2011 for septic which was essenatil at that poin in time to save his limb but in the process the doctors actually cut and remove a large portion of his skin from below the knee till the ankle and this wound hasn’t healed till date and blood,water and puss ozzing out from this wound … to keep this wound sterlised we do a dressing on this everyday … Also he’s suffering from Rhumatic Arthritis and Psoriois which has taken its toll on him. He cannot stand straight and can walk barely for 10-15 feets

The worsening of his health and the almost seeminlgy uncurable wound has taken a toll on his mind and body. Please pray for him so that he gets cured and is able to move around like a healthy person and be able to take care of his loved one’s

Robin Anthony
December 19, 2016

Family reconciled

Gracious Mother Mary,
My father in law and Mother in law reunited and reconciled after long years of their
seperation by the grace of God.

December 3, 2016

To be reunited and reconciled with my love Jesvin Prabu and to be united wid jesvin in holy matrimony

Please Mother Mary have me united back with my love Jesvin Prabu and bless us to be married and stay united always in holy matrimony. Please severe Jesvin from all his bad companions and protect him always. Please rid him off any evil influences that have been instilled and influenced by some evil men and women and bring him back to me and with your blessings have him married to me soon with the consent of both our families and bless us with our children. Help us to overcome all the hurdles that are preventing our union.please mother be with me and guide me. I beg you to give my Jesvin Prabu back to me. Amen

Devi palani
November 17, 2016